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Hare Krishna. We have been at work remodeling our site to reflect the more positive and upbeat direction our community is heading! In time these pages will fill up with many articles and new features! Visit often and give us your feedback; it is valuable to all of us! Leave your feedback (at the left) today!

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    Welcome to the Saranagati Village, Board of Directors’ Website!

Welcome to the Saranagati Village, Board of Directors’ Website!

For those who are visiting for the first time (and we know there are many of you - over 400 in one day!), you will notice a section titled, “For New And Prospective Shareholders”.  This section provides all the necessary (downloadable) documents for membership in our community.  The email address for enquires and return of completed documents is “secretary@saranagativillage.com”.

For your convenience, we are also working on a section that will provide listings of all the accommodations available for visitors who would like to experience Saranagati Village (either for a day, or long term).

To view a more complete list of upcoming features to our website, take a quick look at the bottom of the “Home” page,  under “Planned Features & Customizations”.

For Shareholders of Saranagati Village, you may notice a number of modifications such as our “Classified Ads” (for posting anything for sale, from produce to real estate),  and “News & Updates” (our directors blog), […]

For New And Prospective Shareholders


Thank you for your interest in joining our Saranagati Village community. As you may know, Saranagati is 1650 acres in beautiful [...]Download


Any aspiring Vaisnava of good character is welcome to fill out the SVHI Application for Membership Form and submit it along with a [...]Download


SARANAGATI VILLAGE HOLDINGS INC, (SVHI) a duly incorporated not for profit company under the laws of the Province of British Columbia [...]Download


Providing a rural community environment which supports and promotes the practice of Krishna Consciousness as taught byHis Divine [...]Download
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Shares for Sale at Saranagati Village!

If you are looking for property to purchase, either with an existing home, or vacant land to build on, click on the button at the right! Contact: properties@saranagativillage.com

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Planned Features & Customizations

  • Interactive Real Estate Listings of Available Property
  • Fully functional Visitor Accommodations Listings
  • An Advanced Calendar for Members to Post Events
  • Google Map of Various Proposed Land Use Projects
  • Map of Saranagati for Visitors and Emergencies, Etc.
  • Historical Timeline of Venables Valley (Saranagati)